Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Assignment

Wow back again already! Today we were given our new assignment called 'Industry Exercises 3' from Jared and we have three options of what to do:
  • Work as a junior producing a film with BA students
  • Create a 30 second long ident for Rave Live
  • Work for an external client
Option one (Work as a junior producing a film with BA students) is a clear favourite of mine.

Later in the day three groups from the BA Animation course came and presented their ideas and screen shots of their models to us.
There was a team called Whack'd with a story about spies for their animation; one has a story about garden gnomes and another team is animating pirates.
I like the look of all the teams and I thought that they all seemed like they would be good to work with. Their characters all look interesting, especially the gnomes.

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