Saturday, 29 May 2010

Creating the Showreel

Here is my showreel early on, I noticed that the screen size was 16:9. As you can see below the screen size then changed to 4:3, I am not sure how it happened. However I am glad that I noticed and corrected it.

Here the pictures used for the buttons are screen shots that I took. I discovered that moving images were possible to use on the select buttons. I decided what part of the film to use for the buttons and felt that moving images improved the impact of the selection menus.

Progress at last! There is now a section for the 3D animations and a section for the 2D animations.

Here is a screen-shot of when I had changed my showreel back to 16:9. This is the main menu which can navigate the showreel, my 2D and 3D animations. It also features my name animation which changes from 2D to 3D.

Here is the 3D animation selection and from this you can access a new added section called 'latest 3D animation' which features my animations from this term (as seen below).

Shown above is my 2D animation page (a sketch example is also included)

Opinion of the Final Showreel
Occasionally when playing the showreel it opened on the 2D animation page instead of the main menu. If I had more time I would have resolved the issue but due to the deadline I could not do this. However I am very pleased with the results of the showreel.

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