Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Showreel Designs

Here are some design ideas for my showreel.

On this design I would include 3D animation model poses that I'd create. As I thought that that would show off some of my animation skills.

I would add a crumpled up paper background (that I would create) and I would use old style writing. I also thought of an idea of adding a video on the menu page. My idea for the video would be my name being written in 2d and then it would change to 3D and spin around in circles. I like this idea as I think that it would show my 2D and 3D animation capabilities.

This is another idea that I think would work well but I am not sure that DVD Studio Pro is capable of making this interface. My idea is that my animation choices can be seen on the left of the screen, when the the arrow scrolls over one of them it grows to a larger size than the rest. The movie is watched on the right side of my design.

I do not like this design I think that it does not have enough interesting features.

I quite like this design. I tried to draw film related equipment on the title choice page but I decided not to progress this any further.

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