Sunday, 30 May 2010

How I Made the Menu's Animation

I made the animation that is shown on my main menu by writing my name in a similar way to the font Zapfino (as in Maya fonts can be made in 3D and this way the 2d and 3D writing would look the same) on Photoshop. I then saved it as a jpeg and imported into After Effects and masked each letter separately. I had to fully cover the letter first and then start by step-by-step uncover it by moving back the corners and sides of the masks.
I also created my name in 3D using similar writing and animated it spining around and slowing down at the end to stop. I then (when rendered) put this in After Effetcs and planned to put it together with the 2D animation and make it into a movie file but it wouldn't, so I needed to use different ways of doing so which ended up losing me quite a lot of time.

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