Thursday, 8 April 2010

Beginning My Second Test Animation

Ok, I’ve had some feed-back from Sarah and as a result I am now reworking the gnome test animation. I am going to make sure I incorporate all the tips that she has given me.
I understand that they want to see better animation by me, as I do not think that the last test was up to my usual standard and I definitely feel that I can produce a lot better animation for my next test.
Yesterday and this morning I added keyframes, which contain all of my storyboard poses. I think that compared to my last test they are a lot better gestures and I added more exaggeration into them.
Then this afternoon I started to add some more detail in between and I adjusted the timing by putting the storyboard poses in the planned positions. I also paid attention to the feed back from Sarah from the last test. For example I added breaks into the animation so that the character is not always moving.

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