Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Things I have improved this morning....

Last night and this morning the things that I have been working on are

  1. In some parts of the sequence the gnome is moving too slowly - speed and sharpen him up
  2. Needs more exaggeration and good poses (to make his feelings clearer)
  3. In the walk, put weight in correct position so that he is clearly annoyed/stompy
To address this I

1. Went through the timeline and selected any parts of the animation that were going too slowly and condensed it

2. I added some more exaggerations into the animation e.g when the stone hits the gnome on his head, angrier when he is turning to see who threw it and more emphasis when he is lifting the weight.

3. I changed the steps of the walk so that it looked more like his foot was coming straight down to hit the ground.

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